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Dada Life Just Donated Thousands Of Bananas (Video)

dada ife.

Everyone knows that bananas have always been essential to the career of Dada Life. The Swedish electronic group has made this tasty fruit a cornerstone to their branding and image, along with champagne which apparently go hand in hand. Bananas are part of their logo, they toss around inflatable bananas at shows, and people even get dressed in banana costumes.

Now Dada Life has decided to give back, donating 2,500 bananas to a food bank in West Hollywood this past Tuesday. The reason you might ask? Well of course they wanted to feed those in need, but reason two was to promote their July 18th concert at the San Manuel Amphitheater in the San Bernardino area of California for their "The Voyage" show.

Dada Life Just Donated Thousands Of Bananas (Video)

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Everything comes back to bananas though. At the event, Dada Life will be hoping to break the Guinness World Record for most people dressed in banana suits at one time. They already hold the record for world's largest pillow fight with 3,813 participants in Chicago back in 2013, so this would be another big win for Dada Life.

Below you can watch the Swedish producers talk about donating bananas, along with that classic pillow fight in Chicago. Tickets for their upcoming banana heavy event can be purchased here.

Source: Daily News, Tout

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