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Daft Punk Side Project Le Knight Club Releases First Song In 10 Years

The Daft Punk Move Is Finally Hitting US Theatres

Anytime we hear about new music stemming from Daft Punk, it's a good sign. In this case it's not Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, but it's still a blessing to hear anything related to the French robots. In this case, we hear a new song from Guy-Manuel with Eric Chedeville under their old alias Le Knight Club. The duo hasn't released music in over 10 years, so this is quite a surprise.

Chedeville is the founder of hard house label Pumpking Records, and is also known for producing under the alias Rico The Wizard. They unveiled a few single releases dating back to 1997, and have now teamed up again under the old alias for a track called "The Fight" off the soundtrack for the film Gates Of The Sun.

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It's not what you would expect when hearing the name Daft Punk, but the addicting and catchy hip-hop influenced tune will quickly get stuck in your head. Utilizing a raw sampled beat along with choppy synthesizers, we get a hard-hitting two minute jaunt that is perfect for driving around at night.

Daft Punk recently released a line of skate decks, the movie influenced by their uprising Eden is finally coming to America, and they have a documentary on the way, so we've got our fingers crossed for more from the legends in the near future. In the mean time, stream 'The Fight" below.

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