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deadmau5 Dropped Two New Vocal Anthems

deadmau5 Just Dropped An Addicting Vocal Collaboartion

You've got to love deadmau5. In between stirring shit up on social media, he releases music low key like nobody in the industry. No big roll out plan. No PR. Just dropping demos, ideas, and unreleased tunes on his fuckmylife Soundcloud account.

A few days ago he released a quick sketch of a track entitled "aassddff" with Grabbitz, which started as a vocal edit the Monstercat producer did of "Silent Picture" and now the two are working together on the concept.

On the more recent track "Blood For The Bloodgoat," we once again experience deadmau5 working alongside Grabbitz, stretching over seven minutes and taking a deeply progressive root that will fit perfectly in Joel's big festival and club sets. It's got the classic deadmau5 feel, reminiscent of his older work while bringing a fresh aspect lyrically.

We can only hope this two sketches mean something big, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a collaboration EP between the two producers. You can stream both songs below now.

Update: After publishing this post, deadmau5 dropped a new track called "beneath with me." You can stream that one below too.

Second Update: Based off a Tweet from Kaskade, it appears "beneath with me" is an upcoming collaboration between the two artists featuring the vocals of Skylar Grey.

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deadmau5 Dropped Two New Vocal Anthems

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