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Deadmau5: "Let's Make Boise Idaho The New Ibiza"

Deamau5: "Let's Make Boise Idaho The New Ibiza"

As usual, Deadmau5 is one of the best in the business when it comes to ranting about things he doesn't like or seriously hates. After posting about munching on some Tim Hortons (respect), he started going off about Paris Hilton and The Kardashians after one of his fans tweeted at him about playing in Ibiza.

He then posted a link from Together Travel about Kim Kardashian's residency, and explained that was the reason he wouldn't be playing in Ibiza anymore. After getting distracted with some other conversations, everything returned back to Ibiza where he sent a tweet about making Idaho the new Ibiza.

Deamau5: "Let's Make Boise Idaho The New Ibiza"

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At the time we hadn't read any of his other tweets about Ibiza, so this was completely out of context. Regardless of the context it's a great tweet, but with context it's even better. We are trying to imagine people from all over the world listening to techno and house tracks deep into the night in Idaho, and it's basically the best image ever.

Deamau5: "Let's Make Boise Idaho The New Ibiza"

Potatoes and cows everywhere, scenery for days, and for sure a bunch of locals looking to try something new. Idaho doesn't face the ocean which is kind of a problem, but a lake or river will probably do the trick right?

We can't confirm the announcement of his Idiza (Idaho + Ibiza) residency just yet, but we have a feeling that it just might be coming in the near future. Idiza summer 2015 let's go.

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