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deadmau5 Protege ATTLAS Releases Haunting Aphex Twin Remix

Aphex Twin Just Released 10 New Songs On His Secret Soundcloud

Anytime we hear about anything involving Aphex Twin, we immediately press play. This was no exception, and stems from the mysterious producer on mau5trap that was original thought to be Joel himself. Those theories have been debunked, and it turns out ATTLAS is just another highly talented Canadian producer.

The rising artist caught the attention of the world with his Siren EP released via mau5trap, and then continued to build prominence with remixes of Rihanna and XYLO. This new remix is sure to bring him even more shine, taking on "Make A Baby" from the recent splurge of Aphex Twin tracks appearing on Soudncloud under a secret name.

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It's a gorgeous piano ballad that is equally dark and haunting, instantly catching the attention of the listener while drawing them in with visceral soundscapes. Spoken vocals between a child and and adult will leave your spine thoroughly tingling, quickly drawing an emotional response before minimal and glitchy instrumentations take the lead.

It's personal. Not for a club or party. But for one person to listen to with their headphones on and fully secluded.  You can download the track via Soundcloud and stream below.

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