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deadmau5 Teases Unreleased Kaskade Collaboration

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Damn. This feels like 2008 or 2009 all over again. Rumors surfaced recently that deadmau5 and Kaskade might be working together, and now it seems the producers that created "I Remember" and "Move For Me" have been back at it lately. This is good news for fans of both artists.

The track came unexpectedly last night on Joel's "fuckmylife" Soundcloud account. We had just posted an article on deadmau5 releasing a 7-minute vocal collaboration with Grabbitz, and right as we published he uploaded this second track. "beneath for me" is less than two minutes and it clearly just a sketch at this point, but we are excited for the potential.

The only information we got was the tag #deadstep and the words "a song about a dead person singing to a not dead person to come be dead with them. thats the idea anyway." This didn't give us much information, but more recently Kaskade tweeted that this is a collaboration between the two artists and that Grammy nominated singer Skylar Grey provided the vocals.

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You can view both the tweet and song below, and get an idea for what is in the works between these legendary producers. They both have taken their sound in different directions over the years, but hearing them on one song is a walk down memory lane.

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