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Deep House Meets The Rolling Stones

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Los Angeles based producer Bobby Nourmand has been taking on some absolute classics lately. Back in the early stages of 2014 he reworked "Peace Frog" from The Doors with a deep house twist, and now he has returned with another classic rock remix that is fitting for today's musical landscape.

Taking on the ubiquitous 1969 classic "Gimme Shelter" from The Rolling Stones, we get a club inspired anthem from the rising producer that still retains the mysterious elements that helped make the track so impactful. We still get the original vocals from the song, not pitched or skewed, just left alone with Mick Jagger belting out classic lyrics over a bouncy sound.

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Beyond that though, we get a hefty serving of ambient and hazy moments that kick out drums completely, and focus more on distance soundscapes. This balance is what truly makes this remix, straying from five minutes of four on the floor beats and giving listeners a solid mixture to vibe with.

While the name is still catching on, we have a feeling Bobby Nourmand has some big things ahead of him. He's got the rock house remix thing going for him right now, along with some solid originals that are gaining more traction each month. Keep an eye out for this one, and cop the free download while you're at it.

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