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Destructo bio

“I think we’ve got something special. I’m so excited for this record and this sound we’re creating,” stresses DESTRUCTO passionately when discussing the journey that led to the making of the WEST COAST EP, his six-track release for Insomniac Records/Interscope that brings together the after-hours energy of dance music with the streetwise wordplay of contemporary hip-hop hit-makers including Ty Dolla $ign, YG and Problem. The collection also boasts a trio of genuine rap legends Too $hort, Warren G and Kurupt on this genre-smashing EP that announces a bold new direction for the producer/DJ. After finding success with the Technology EP on Boysnoize Records and the Higher EP again with Boys Noize along with an assist from Skrillex’s OWSLA label, DESTRUCTO (AKA Southern California-based promoter Gary Richards, famous for the influential HARD events around the globe) was ready to do something dramatic and inspired, setting himself apart from the sea of established and emerging producers on the dance music scene. “I wanted to make music that no one else was really doing. I started really digging into new music on the internet and started hearing these tracks that were like house, but with heavy hip-hop samples from Biggie and Tupac mixed in,” DESTRUCTO explains of the genesis of his “G-House 2.0” sound. “Originally, I wasn’t even thinking of making tracks, but for tracks to play in cool DJ sets that blended the two sounds. The only problem was that I couldn’t find enough of those tracks to make a full set, so I just thought the next time I went into the studio, I’d try my hand at producing some of my own.” The results of that first studio session--along with Australian producer Wax Motif who joins DESTRUCTO on the entire EP as co-writer and co-producer--was the track “West Coast.” It found DESTRUCTO incorporating samples from Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” over a driving house beat to spin during DJ sets. “It was a dope track, but it inspired me to just say, ‘fuck it, why not get a real rapper in here instead of just using sampled vocals?’” he remembers. “I somehow hooked up with YG through the weirdest chain of events ever. I originally had YG rap over the beat of my track, ‘Higher.’ He hit me up like, ‘what is this song about?’ So I told him to think about it being four in the morning, you’re partying, you’re trying to get some girls…’ He stopped me right there and was like, ‘I got you. I got that all day.’ He sent me back all these raps, and I was listening to them over ‘Higher’ and it didn’t really work. So I started building a whole new track around them, and that turned into the first single, ‘Party Up. After that worked out so well, his crew was like, ‘you should hook up with Ty Dolla $ign. Ty is the man.’” Unlike the long distance collaboration with YG, DESTRUCTO and Ty Dolla $ign got together in a recording studio, marking the first of the WEST COAST EP tracks to feature a face-to-face session. “Ty came in and I played him the track,” DESTRUCTO remembers of the session, with the EP’s engineer, Cameron Graham, by his side. “He was just sitting there with his tray and grinder, rolling joint after joint, not saying anything. I was kind of sweating, like I hope this dude likes it. He wrote some stuff down and said, ‘OK, I’m ready. Put me in the vocal booth.’ When he started singing, I was completely blown away. The dude is like Stevie Wonder, such a musical talent. He had all the harmony parts, melodies, everything just laid out. At that point, it was game on. I’d made the transition from making club tracks to working with real vocalists and really taking things to the next level as a producer and an artist.” Inspired by sessions with Ty Dolla $ign, DESTRUCTO set his sights on stalwart West Coast hip-hop hero, Kurupt, part of the Death Row Records crew in the ‘90s and a member of Snoop Dogg affiliates Tha Dogg Pound. “It was a lot like the session with Ty. He rolled in, we had a few drinks, listened to the track a bunch of times and reeled off ‘Scuzzlebutt,’” DESTRUCTO explains of the track that blends classic Dr. Dre strings, trap bass and a four-on-the-floor house beat underneath Kurupt’s hardcore rhymes. “Kurupt was telling me that ‘Scuzzlebutt’ was some dude that was at their house who was so wasted that he didn’t realize what was going on, just hanging out having a drink with no clothes on. He was showing us videos of this scuzzlebutt dude. I was like, ‘you guys are nuts!’” The producer’s next connection was with Bay Area rap legend Too $hort for the track “Bust Them Cheeks.” “When I was in high school, Too $hort was one of my heroes. He was like YG, wanting to know what the song was about. There’s a part in the track that sounds like dogs barking, so I told him it was about dogs. Next thing I know, he’s come up with this whole rap from the perspective of a horny dog that jumps the fence every night to chase the cat, and we turned it into ‘Bust Them Cheeks.’ This whole process has just been so much fun for me to go into the studio with these legends and create something special.” To round out the EP, DESTRUCTO got together with Compton rapper Problem for “Dare You 2 Move.” “For these guys, house music is not really their thing. It can be a real challenge for them to work with the straight four-four beat,” DESTRUCTO says of working with Problem. “But when he got it, he really got it, and we made ‘Dare You 2 Move,’ which is a story about a trippy ride in the car which will be the next single and video from the EP. “That dude came in and blew my mind,” he raves about Problem. “Him and Ty Dolla $ign, those guys are so solid with melodies, very musical indeed.” Rounding things out is the final track, “Nobody Else,” which also features Ty Dolla $ign, boasted with a cameo from California rap legend, Warren G. “Ty had already done the tune,” Destructo says. “I’d been trying to find a second verse that worked. A lot of people tried, but it just wasn’t working. Warren G’s camp had hit me up about doing a mix of ‘Regulate.’ While I was working on the remix, it inspired me to send the track over to him and he loved it. Once he came in the studio and laid down his verse, that’s when I knew the EP was finished and ready to go.” Already eyeing even more marquee rappers to create with on his forthcoming debut album, DESTRUCTO sees his music-making career as a direct reflection of the eclectic and inspired mix he always strives to attain at his HARD parties, where artists ranging from Flosstradamus to DJ Mustard to Jack U to Pusha T play to a panoramic audience that can connect to all of it. “In production and throwing events, it all comes from my gut. I just go with what I like. I’ve always loved hip-hop, rock, dance music, I’ve loved it all. Mixing hip-hop with dance music is like peanut butter and jelly. It just feels like we’re really hitting on something good and I can’t wait to see how far we can take it.”

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