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Detroit Policeman At Movement Is Your New Favorite Hype Man (Video)

Detroit Policeman At Movement Is Your New Favorite Hype Man

For most people, the idea of a police man at a festival or concert is usually not a sight you want to see. Even if you aren't doing anything wrong, their presence might bother or cause concert goers to become agitated. If you have ever felt that way, this policeman at Movement Electronic Festival in Detroit will change your mind.

Officer Frederick Youngblood was obviously feeling the music during Hudson Mohawke's set, and showed off his excitement by jumping in front of the decks and getting the crowd hyped up. Rocking a massive smile, pumped up the crowd with his arms, and even breaking down some impressive dance moves, we see that both the audience and the artists were feeling it.

Hudson Mohawke was clearly happy about the whole situation, even filming the event from his phone while his own hype man encouraged the officer's moves. You have to respect this type of action, especially in such a volatile time of American history where tensions continue to crow between police and the public. Youngblood had this to say:

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“It was just to let the crowd know we support them and love them,” Officer Youngblood later told the Detroit Free Press. “And they love us too. It’s a great thing when the community and the police come together.”

Warrior Level - Detroit B-Boy Cop

Posted by Stanton Warriors on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

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