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Digitalism Is Bringing Dirty Electro Back

Digitalism Is Bringing Dirty Electro House Back

Since the rise of EDM over the past few years, the term electro has been severely cheapened by the current state of electro house. The days of words like hard, dirty, and fast have become less and less associated with the genre, and have been replaced by a more melodic vocal presence. Jump back just 5 or 6 years ago and that wasn't the case, with the Ed Banger crew ruling the sound and even Kill The Noise slaying with his Turn Off Tune In mixes.

Then again, trends can come and go, and the new Digitalism track is a bold statement that the sound hasn't changed, it's just been tucked away a little from the public eye. With the Busy P and Boys Noize supported anthem "Roller," we get 100% dirty and 1000% gritty. It's the no fucks given style of electro that the world needed to hear.

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It's a dark and menacing banger that doesn't care what is playing on the festival grounds of every major festival. "Roller" looks to dirty tucked away clubs in major cities. It's got that underground feel, and truly goes straight for the jugular. The artwork is a chainsaw, so there's no denying their intentions with this one.

The German duo is on a mission, and that mission involves way more dirty and fast paced electro. The song was released via Magnetism Recording Co, and is currently available for pre-order only in the European iTunes. Stream the track, and get the full experience for yourself.

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