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Dillon Francis Had His Name Terribly Misspelled On A Japanese Flyer


We aren't sure what it up with the name Dillon Francis, but people just can't seem to get it right. In April we posted a sports broadcast where they called him DJ Francis, but this one is much better. If someone told us his name was misspelled, we would imagine it was written out like Dylan Francis. This could be a common mistake.

Someone assuming it was like Bob Dylan, or just not paying attention. This though is so much better than all that. For a festival called Sumer Sonic, Dillon is playing the Midnight Sonic area with Porter Robinson and Destructo, and they spelt his name Diron Francis. That's right.

Diron Francis. Oh, and here's the kicker. Porter Robinson is spelt Poter Robinson. So we've now got the greatest stage ever going down with Diron Francis and Poter Robinson. We can only imagine this is the start of some amazing new DJ group, and we are excited for the future of Diron Poter. You can view the flyer below along with his response on Twitter.

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