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Diplo Throws Heavy Shade At Zedd's New Album

diplo & Zedd

Damn. This was unexpected, but at the same time we imagined some people might chime in on the new Zedd album. He has been going on about EDM lacking musical components, something we agreed with but at the same time it seemed like he was putting himself on a pedestal.

There's no denying just how talented Zedd is, but how he exemplified that on True Colors with his pop heavy and mainstream sound that didn't really push the envelope was questionable. We aren't going to fully review the album, but right now we will say that we are agreeing with Diplo. Clarity was a masterpiece. True Colors is lacking everything we hoped for.

Below you can see the tweets that Diplo recently sent, very clearly taking aim at Zedd and the sound he went for. He then got into some arguments with Twitter users, something Diplo has always been known for.

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