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DJ Movie With Zac Efron Releases Official Trailer

zac efron.

Well, the trailer is here for that Zac Efron DJ movie that has been making its rounds the last six or seven months. It was recently announced that the movie would be dropping on August 28th, and now the official trailer has been released. The movie goes by the name We Are Your Friends, paying homage to the classic Justice track of the same name.

In the trailer, we see Zac Efron and crew in a college down in Los Angeles. They focus less on exams and studying, and more on throwing parties. Efron is like you might have guessed the heart throb DJ, claiming:

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"But if you are a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent, and one track. That track is your ticket to everything." 

This line is often more realistic than we might want to believe, picking up the story as Efron speaks on what BPM he plays, a manager trying to bring him on, and his group of friends trying to decide their destiny. You can watch the trailer below.

This summer... Find your sound. Find your future.Watch the new trailer for Max Joseph's We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski and Wes Bentley. #WAYF

Posted by We Are Your Friends on Tuesday, 19 May 2015

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