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Eric Prydz bio

Eric Prydz is a Swede who has achieved worldwide recognition. He has a bold musical agenda and an unrivalled ability to combine commercial success (3 x Top 2 UK hit singles) with underground notoriety (fastest selling release ever on cult download store Beatport). Prydz has not given an interview in 6+ years, he never appears in his music videos, and avoids self-promotion. His refusal to play the media circus stems from the fallout ignited by ‘that’ video. His first No.1, “Call On Me,” was accompanied by a music promo that he didn’t clear, much less approve of. He shied away from the publicity and ensuing success (the Steve Winwood-sampling track he’d made “just for his friends” clocked up at more than four million sales), and retreated into his studio to continue making the dark, brooding electronica he was becoming known for. Every so often, and always at the time of his choosing, he’s emerged with a hit record. Following his debut for Ministry Of Sound’s label, Data, he was the only artist ever to be given the go ahead to sample Pink Floyd. Prydz released the Grammy nominated “Proper Education,” the reworking of Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” that reached No.2 in the UK charts. This time Eric took charge of the music video, the resulting promo and its accompanying environmental theme. It was hailed by Greenpeace, used as part of the NGO’s own marketing campaign, and still is requested by schools across the world. He followed this in 2008 with “Pjanoo.” After becoming Beatport’s fastest selling release, the instrumental track was championed by Zane Lowe and Pete Tong, given 4 separate Radio 1 Record of the Week accolades and was playlisted by the station seven weeks upfront of its release. It hit No.2 that summer. The talented Stockholm DJ runs three separate record labels, each responsible for the more underground music that leaves his bustling studio. His Mouseville imprint has seen Prydz produce under the alias Cirez D, releasing harder and more upfront techno tracks to great acclaim. Knockout, the biggest selling EP from the label epitomises the Mouseville ethos with its succinct nod to the Swedish underground. On Pryda, under the same name, Prydz explores his house influences with a plethora of tracks that have become huge club tunes around the globe. Songs like Aftermath, Armed, Rymd and Remember layer harmonies, melodies and hooks over his unmistakable Prydz basslines. Eric also created Pryda & Friends as an outlet for some of the tracks created by his friends that had never surfaced. He has also had a number of collaborations out there, including one with fellow Swedish producer, Axwell. Since his arrival, Eric has inadvertently broken into uncharted territory for dance music. The man with an infamous fear of flying but a worldwide demand for his DJ sets is often faced with an uncomfortable choice before touring. Festivals, events, and venues across the planet have rocked to his performances.

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