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Flux Pavilion bio

Known for his 2011 hit "Bass Cannon," English dubstep producer and DJ Joshua Steele took the name Flux Pavilion around 2008 when he released the track "Cheap Crisps" as a digital download. Steele had grown up where his neighbors were like-minded producers Doctor P and Trolley Snatcha. At the time, all three had been playing in guitar-based bands together, but after downloading some music creation software, they agreed the future was digital and were set on their dubstep paths. Flux Pavilion, alongside Doctor P, Dyspro and DJ Swan-E, founded the record label Circus Records. In 2009, he released EP Boom, with Datsik and Excision. His blend of hard smashing rhythms and manic basslines has certainly gained him an audience. As a musician he has incorporated his singing and instrumental talent into his tracks. Known for his high energy sets, he is being booked home and abroad for his unique take on the dubstep sound. With exclusive plays from the likes of Rusko, Caspa, N-Type, Hatcha, Plastician his tunes have been blasted all over the world. After performances alongside N-Type on Rinse and Hatcha on KISS FM, Flux Pavilion is certainly making waves in the dubstep scene and everywhere else. “I Can't Stop” was instrumental in Flux Pavilion's rise to prominence. Two "fans" Steele met on a tour of America asked to sample the cut for their upcoming hip-hop album, and a year later "I Can't Stop" became the basis of "Who Gon Stop Me" on Jay-Z and Kanye West's collaborative effort Watch the Throne. Flux Pavilion's hit track "Bass Cannon" arrived that same year (2011). Flux Pavilion‘s wave of success in 2011 was capped with the December announcement of his nomination for the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll.


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