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Gadgets: The Arizer Air and Extreme-Q Vaporizers Reviewed

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Gadgets: The Arizer Air and Extreme-Q Vaporizers Reviewed

Canadian company Arizer has started to build a bigger profile lately in the states and we got our hands on two of their most recent models to give them a test drive. The Extreme-Q has gotten a recent update and is a great option for those that like to vape at home while the Arizer Air is tailored for the vaper on the go.

First up we have the Extreme-Q which gives you the option to pull your vapor from either whip (long tube) or via a balloon/bag. The price point ($239.00) is really good for a stationary vaporizer of this quality and if you are kind of new to vaping this is an excellent choice for the price and functionality.

We particularly like that fact that it has a lot of glass but keep in mind that you will need to perform regular maintenance on these parts to prevent that scummy build up. This is a unit that does really require regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and delivering great hits.

We studied up on this vape and also read a lot of reviews online after messing around with it a bit. One of things that we recommend when using the tube (whip) extension is to turn the fan on while taking a hit, it gives it a little more punch for sure. Using the whip is ok if you are by yourself or maybe with one other person but we preferred the ballon for more social situations as it’s just easier to pass around.

The balloon takes about two minutes to fill up on the medium fan speed and creates a denser vapor than rushing it on high speed. It’s better to be patient with the balloon even waiting two-and-a-half minutes to properly fill, it’s worth it. The only bummer on the balloon is that there is no valve so you must cover it up with your thumb to prevent vapor leaks and there is always some dude that forgets, put him at the end of the line in case of any “leak” infractions. Sorry bro, thems the rules.

So is the Extreme-Q right for you? If you are a casual vaper that has the occasional get together and want to get into the world of vaporizing this is a good unit for the home. It requires some more maintenance then the portable models but it delivers a nice bang for the buck. We prefer the balloon option overall as it’s just a bit easier to pass around in bigger groups. If you are more seasoned user and someone that will be vaping on the regular you might look at some beefier units.

MSRP is $239.00
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Gadgets: The Airizer Air and Extreme-Q Vaporizers Reviewed
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Next up we have the latest addition to the Arizer family, the Air which is there new portable unit that seems to be a direct descendent of the Solo model. We have been testing a decent number of portable units recently as this is the most popular style of vaporizer these days as most people are vaping on the go, from concerts to chairlifts, a compact unit is key.

The Arizer Air is a bit on the pricey side with $259 price tag but it gives you some key features that less expensive portable units just don’t offer. We love the fact that it has a swappable battery so you can pack a spare for longer outings. The battery on a full charge lasted a little over an hour with continuous use, so if you are going at a normal clip with a couple people you can make it last a couple hours (depending on how often you are hitting it).

The unit is not super small, but it’s still very portable and easy to put in your pocket at 122 mm tall x 29 mm wide.

The great thing about the Air is that is uses a 5-stage heating control that really allows you to customize your experience and get it just right in regards to vapor density and quantity. To get to the top spot on the heat dial (410 degrees) it takes about 2 minutes or so, which is not exactly lightening fast but the ability to pick your right temp makes up for the lack of heating speed.

The bowl is a really decent size for a portable unit and when you load it up you can get in just around a half gram, which seems to be the perfect amount loosely packed.

The Arizer Air is a pretty stealthy unit and won’t really draw much attention to you when you are in a public area as it looks very similar to the Ejuice / Nicotine type vaporizers that are so popular right now.

Loading the Air is a cinch, you just pull off the mouth piece and tap out the used herb, then simply plunk it into a pile of ground up leaf and you are done. No scooping, or digging around like other models you just need to make sure you have a good little grinder with you. If you are rolling with a friend it’s smart to bring the extra mouthpiece so you can keep the momentum on the “dutchie” passing. Vape, empty, pass, load… boom, you are a synchronized vaping unit.

After using the Air for a little while we preferred the lower to mid level settings for the less “burned” taste. The only thing you need to be very mindful of is dropping the unit because of the mouthpiece, so the utility comes at a price for easy packing, don’t drop it. You can keep the vape in its neoprene case to help keep the temp regulated so it’s not always recalibrating (most portable vapes have this issue).

The biggest advantage for the Air was its temp settings and ability to load it a lot easier than other portable models. This is a unit that is definitely worth considering.

MSRP $259
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