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Gary Richards & Pasquale Rotella Are Locked In A Heated Legal Battle

Gary Richards & Pasquale Rotella Are Locked In A Heated Legal Battle

HARD Presents and Insomniac have become the front runners for throwing shows in North America's booming dance scene. They have been enemies for a long time now, but it seems that their personal beef has now extended well become animosity and into legal battle.

Insomniac and Rotella caters itself more towards the big name EDM artist, centered around flashing lights, rave attire, and its now ubiquitous Electric Daisy Carnival events. For HARD and Gary Richards (Destructo), the goal has been to stray from that and to create their own less mainstream aesthetic.

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The two companies both owned by Livenation are now really going at it, with Richards actually threatening to cancel the use of Electric Daisy Carnival. His grounds for this? Well he helped found the company around 1991, and although it doesn't seem like he's planning on completely killing the event, he does want to strip the name.

Their beef has been going on since the 90's in California's dance scene, a time before EDM had exploded into the mainstream and there was much less of a market. Many years later, and things have only gotten worse. It's no surprise that Richards is trying so hard to distance HARD from Kandi, PLUR, rave attire, and big name EDM artists with the hopes of separating his company from Insomniac .

Richards apparently attempted to join forces with Rotella and Insomniac before launching HARD in 2007 but was declined, while Rotella lobbied for ownership of HARD during his negotiations with Livenation. Lots of drama going on, and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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