Gesaffelstein Has A Long-Lost Younger Sister Named REZZ

Gesafffelstein Has A Long-Lost Younger Sister Named REZZ

Back in February, a friend of mine sent a Soundcloud link with little warning. All he said was "You need to hear this," and left me to press play. That song was "I" by a young female producer from Niagara Falls, Canada by the name of REZZ, and it instantly caught my attention. I was out hiking on a bright sunny day with no headphones, and let's just say heads started turning.

Dark and industrial sounds pumping through my phone, and even that had me instantly hooked. After playing a few more songs including the fast-paced techno meets industrial track "Maze," the only thought I could process was "She is literally the female answer to Gesaffelstein."

Since then, REZZ has low key been releasing some of the heaviest and more fire tracks I've heard all year. Unafraid to takes risks, she has already remixed "This Is The New Shit" from Marilyn Manson and premiered massive originals through respected blogs. You could tell she was influenced by the Aleph producer, but now we know for sure.

Update From REZZ's Facebook: "I held off releasing my music on labels but I'm Stoked to announce I've signed a record to mau5trap. This is pretty twisted cuz deadmau5 is a large reason I started making music in the first place. hard work pays off. The release is next month!

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Giving a fresh revision to "Conquistador" from Gesaffelstein and French composer Jean Michel Jarre, we hear REZZ inject her dark synthesis of sound that includes pummeling snares, fidgety synthesizers, and those haunting instrumentations that sound more like vocal effects. It's industrial meets bass, and comes across as the perfect balance of clean and insanely gritty.

You can stream the track now and download for free through Soundcloud, and make sure to dig into her entire collection if you are feeling the sound. REZZ for PREZZ 2016.

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