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Girl Jumping Off Mysteryland Stage Is Everything That's Wrong With Music Festivals

Girl Jumping Off Mysteryland Stage Is Everything That's Wrong With Music Festivals (Video)

Festivals are crazy events. There are countless moving parts, massive stages, and music playing in every direction. With this in mind, it's not that mind boggling to think there are chances for people to get hurt. We see it every year. Some idiot getting too gone and climbing up anything in sight. It makes for good footage and people spread it around, but there's no denying that it puts others in danger.

In this video from Mysteryland at The Boat stage, we hear the Carnage and ILoveMakonnen track "I Like Tuh" playing, speaking on white girls, twerking, and making money. Instant irony. Flash to what happens, and your palm will instantly meet your face. Out of nowhere we see what we can assume was an intoxicated female climbing on the edge of the stage, and then jumping off.

More ironic is that her friend actually seems to help shove her off. We aren't sure what happened here, but the fact that this is even a possibility is ridiculous. Long gone are the days of people in the audience watching a performer. There has to be the VIP, double VIP, media and artist area, and all access stage passes. No matter how much security you have, incidents will continue to happen like this when there is room for people to just jump at any moment.

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You can't expect everyone to act accordingly when put in this situation, and this girl proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that stage security and access needs to change. We've heard reports that the girl wasn't severely hurt, but it could have been much worse.

Watch the video below, and judge for yourself what needs to be done to prevent this from happening at more festivals.

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