Can You Guess Which Music Festival Has The Highest Drug Use?

Can You Guess Which Music Festival Has The Highest Drug Use?

In a recent study conducted by the Coalition Against Drug Abuse and posted via Drugabuse.com, the group used an unlikely method to figure out three major statistics. Can you guess what method they used? We will give you a hint. It had nothing to do with them going to these festivals, taking surveys, or retrieving data from the promoters or emergency teams on the ground.

Instead, they took an approach that could be conducted without ever leaving the confines of your house: Instagram. That's right. Good old Instagram. Now we say that because there is no way to truly confirm just how accurate these statistics really are, and maybe there are just festivals out there where people like to keep their drug use on the low.

The first category is "Total Number of Substance Related Posts that Mention Each Event." This is the overarching category, and gives us 15 festivals from places around the world and how often drugs are mentioned. Not surprisingly, the top one is Electric Daisy Carnival. Although it is worth mentioning that EDC has multiple events in different locations each year, so that's probably why their number is so much higher.

Beyond that we get festivals like Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Tomorrowland, and some event called Chili Cook Off which apparently is a real thing and sounds crazy. Marley Fest is pretty low down there, but maybe people just got too stoned and forgot to post pictures or use hashtags. You can view that graph below.


Next up is "Most Mentioned Substances at Concerts & Festivals On Instagram." Not surprisingly alcohol is at the top with over 32k mentions in March, but MDMA/Molly/Ecstasy was a close second. It's clear that people are becoming more open about their use of this drug, and apparently it has flooded Instagram. Below that we get marijuana, general drug terms, and then cocaine.

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Finally we have "% of Concert & Festival Posts that Mention Substances," which basically shows off that even though most people got pretty stoned and forgot to post about smoking weed at Marley Fest, a big percentage of those that did remember told everyone they were toking. Next up is again this damn Chili Cook Off, which is starting to sound pretty enticing. Marley Fest sits at %12, and it goes down from there.


And for those that missed it, the same group also released a chart a few weeks ago that focused on the "Top Concerts & Festivals by Substance." You can also view that one below.


Article Source: LA Weekly

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