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Hardwell Speaks On Haters And Fake Artists

Hardwell Speaks On Haters And Fake Artists

Hardwell has been all over the world lately. He was ranked #1 in DJ Mag's yearly poll two years running now, and is constantly looking to take things to the next level. In a recent interview with Pulse Radio, we hear all about Hardwell's stance on his ranking, and how that has affected his career.

The Dutch producer and Revealed Recordings founder speaks on enjoying the title, and would even love to hold that #1 spot in the future. Most importantly though, he believes earning this position has made him work harder in order to prove the haters and doubters wrong.

This is how he approached his recent album United We Are, a debut release that featured a diverse cast of vocalists and even some rock influences. Many people probably enjoyed the album, but it's really something for that top 1% of EDM lovers. Big room drenched tracks left and right, and even a song called "Sally" that sounded like it was trying to be a modern and more disturbing version of "Stacy's Mom."

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This is the sound that books major gigs, but it's not something that will get you love in many scenes beyond the top tier of EDM. We understand wanting to prove the haters wrong, but it's tough when you are giving them the exact ammunition to eat you alive. His abilities behind the decks are hard to deny, but transitioning from that to making an entire release is not child's play.

One thing he touches on that is very relevant right now is fake artists, which Hardwell states "Should we be blaming them or should we be blaming the managers/promoters who book these DJ's? Who knows?" This goes back to the debate of promoters booking models or celebrities to DJ over artists that have given their life to this, and where the blame lies for this in a shifting and constantly evolving scene.

It's tough to know if Hardwell is talking about these celebrity types or just artists in the scene, but he clearly believes there are people out there with the wrong intentions who are in it simply for the glory. Hardwell truly does what he wants, pleasing some and others not so much, but he is undeniably passionate about the scene he calls his home.

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