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Heat Rises: Upcoming Names Killing The Game (Part 1)

Heat Rises: Upcoming Names Killing The Game (Part 1)

Heat Rises is a new series we are trying out that focuses specifically on upcoming talent. It's a way to highlight those artists making forward thinking music that deserve to be recognized for what they are doing. Not just producers or DJ's, but singers, rappers, beatmakers, and anyone who strives to push the boundaries of modern music.

This is the struggle of being the Editorial Director of a publication like Magnetic Magazine, and also someone who surrounds themselves with artists, PR people, managers, promoters, and tastemakers on a daily basis in the growing Los Angeles dance scene. Everyone wants to show you their song or the song the artist they are working with just made, and it gets hectic. Many of these people aren't just random people on the Internet you can quickly say no to and ignore, but people you constantly see at clubs and events.

With Heat Rises, we hope to cover many of those songs that truly deserve attention, but we just don't have the time or space on our socials to post about each one individually. There's no set rules for the series either. No genres or specific limitations besides good music from rising artists. Each week will be a little different, but the overall goal will always remain the same: help plug artists that are killing the game.

Tulpa - Deer Stared At Me (Clayjay Remix)

Staring off our new series is a track that a young producer named Clayjay sent us a few weeks back, and we've been itching to get it posted on the site. Utilizing piano from Tulpa's original version of "Deer Stared At Me," we get a melodic and visceral gem that lightly dances around subtle and more upbeat moments. It's the type of song you could truly lose yourself in.

On Planets - Spectacle Ft. Maddie Duke

Here's another track that falls under the category of emotional dance music. Vancouver based producer On Planets recently teamed up with Maddie Duke for a lofty and emotional track entitled "Spectacle," quickly drawling listeners in with fragile vocals and futuristic synth design that fit perfectly together. Expect much more from this rising producer and degrade.LA member in the near future, and jump on this now before people really start to catch on.

SNBRN - Raindrops feat. Kerli (Prince Fox Remix)

New York based musician Prince Fox has been doing everything right lately. Striking up a balance between official remixes, bootlegs, and big shows, the rising future pop producer is quickly making a name for himself both online and as a must see performer. We recently covered the more house influenced Hotel Garuda version of this SNBRN hit "Raindrops," and now we get a more upbeat and dance-worthy touch up from the man himself.  We can't image this will leave our rotation anytime soon.

Lostboycrow - Say You Want Me

Speaking of pop music meets electronic influences, we've got this new original from LA based singer Lostboycrow. Working with Dylan William on the production front, he once again layers sultry vocals with exuberant instrumentations on "Say You Want Me," creating a lyrically conscious pop anthem that still has a highly personal touch. He's now 4/4 on his output these past few months, and this truly all just seems like the beginning for him. Don't say we didn't warn you when this name is everywhere.


We got this track sent to us recently with no context, and put it on while driving down the freeway. After about 20 seconds we realized exactly what was happening, and almost lost our minds. We won't ruin the surprise for you, but let's just say it samples was one of the most popular songs to come out of the emo generation of music. Should we call this future emo? We don't exactly know, but London based producer NYQUILL is definitely someone we are keeping our eyes peeled on.

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Towkio - Reflection (Prod. Kaytranada)

Save Money has been doing big things these past few years, and it just keeps getting bigger. First up was Chance The Rapper with his worldwide ascension, then Vic Mensa working on major tracks with Kanye and getting signed to Roc Nation, and now it's Towkio's turn. The fellow Chicago based artist balances a strong singing voice with a powerful lyric prowess, one that has just recently caught the attention of a larger population with the release of .WAV Theory. The tape features production from Kaytranada, Lido, and FKJ, and is suited for fans of both hip-hop and electronic music. "Reflection" is a clear stand out, and seems to be ushering in a new coalescence of the two genres.

Phoebe Ryan - Dead (Louis Vivet Remix)

Two stellar names on one highly potent track. Phoebe Ryan is a rising New York based singer with vocals that sound like pure gold, while Louis Vivet is a dance based duo from Los Angeles/New York that has been dishing out emotive yet uplifting releases like nobody's business lately. Put them together, and you get this beauteous remix of "Dead" that teeters the line between dark and mysterious influences with an inspiring sound that makes you want to move. It's that balance that has us so hooked, and we have a feeling the rest of 2015 will be promising for both artists.

Jack U x Ember Island - Where Are U Now (The Red Baron Remix) 

This is the track that keeps on giving. The original version from Jack U was a standout from their recent album, and then a few days ago Ember Island brought a more docile and Imogen Heap nearing influence to the renowned track. Now we go from electronic to acoustic right back to electronic with this remix from The Red Baron, stemming from San Diego and a part of the collective and management crew All Mine LA. Chill trap influences are the centerpiece for this one, and will quickly have you bobbing your head in unison to the beat.

Oh Wonder - Livewire

Oh Wonder has been one of our favorite bands since this past September, and the reasons for that are this: they are consistent, make gorgeous music, and are about to low key take over the world. Releasing one song on the first of each month till their album is complete, we have learned to spring out of bed for joy each time that fateful day rolls around. Each time we take a deep breath, close our eyes, and dive right in. "Livewire" is song number nine, and is one of their most downtempo and mellow songs to date. They are already selling out venues five months in advance for their first run of tour dates, and this small project with humble beginnings is in the middle stages of truly taking off.

Next HQ MiniMix: Manila Killa

The way you start a mix determines if listeners will instantly latch on or swiftly walk away. Remember our use of the word swiftly, because that will come back into play. Manila Killa is a founding member of Moving Castle and 1/2 of Hotel Garuda, and is a producer that is rapidly ascending in the modern world of dance music. His intricately woven production doesn't attempt to overwhelm, but instead toys with your emotions and grips your undivided attention. So back to the word swiftly. On his mix for Nest HQ, we witness the the East Coast producer kick things off with a double ID utilizing an acapella from "Blank Space" from Taylor Swfit. Don't hate. It's awesome.

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