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How BPM Festival's Sister City Tulum Became A Hipster's Paradise

How BPM Festival's Sister City Tulum Became A Hipster's Paradise

Times have changed drastically for the pre-Columbian walled city known as Tulum. To dance music fans, it's known as the city that sits an hour south of Playa del Carmen, the sacred stomping grounds of BPM Festival. The 10-day event centered around house and techno stylings sees lovers of underground electronic music flock to witness tucked away and more personal sets, going strong since 2008.

Even Playa del Carmen is known as a sister city of Cancún, a place where you can get away but not get packed in with the sorority and fraternity clustered beaches and bars of this now mainstream location, but Tulum has found a nice home for itself even more tucked away. No major music festival, but you will still get some secluded off shoot parties in January when BPM rolls around.

According to a recent article in New York Magazine, it has become a wet dream for hipsters looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but would rather die than tell their fellow co-workers that they spent their Mexican vacation in Cancún.

It's got all the perks you could ever need. That historic backdrop of Mayan ruins that will look so good in your pictures, beaches facing East towards the Caribbean Sea where you can do yoga on a surf board, and now they even have a Starbucks. How perfect is that? Get lost, but don't forget to grab your Starbucks in the morning to remind yourself of the small condo in New York you secretly miss.

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How BPM Festival's Sister City Tulum Became A Hipster's Paradise

Yoga studios everywhere. How convenient is that? The whole time you can think about how distant you are from society. How miserable everyone in Cancún must be at Señor Frogs, and how tucked away you really are.

There is even a small yet very underground dance scene that may even be more underground than Playa del Carmen. Like for real, if you looked hard enough and met the right bar tender you might be able to get a hot tip on a rave in the Mayan ruins.

The beach is cool, but who can resist ruins? So much dance, so much history. We have a feeling there is a music festival coming very soon. Yoga studios is step one and Starbucks is step two, and the only next logical step would be their own underground music festival taking place in the ruins. Ruinsfest. Mayan Ruins Fest. Underground Ruins. Don't Ruins This For Everyone Fest.

Remember though. Don't ruins the surprise. Telling too many people could spoil everything, and like a quote similar to an episode of Portlandia would say, "This secluded beach town is over."

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