How to be a House Gangster: 5 Lessons From DJ Sneak


Beats, beaches, booties! DJ Sneak and the I'm A House Gangster crew show how it's done in the killer first installment of their brand new mini-series. Shot over one week in Ibiza, the video captures Sneak in his natural environment. The series follows DJ Sneak from behind the decks at Ushuaia with UK don Pete Tong, crushing it at the Hard Rock Hotel with Snoop Dogg, cruising in the legendary low-rider and manning the grill with those renowned BBQ skills.

The self-titled Original House Gangster is very much a pioneer in the underground, a center piece in Chicago's second wave of iconic spinners. His label I'm A House Gangster is a more recent project yet it has firmly established itself as a hotpot for cutting-edge underground bombs with the likes of Ramon Tapia and Jesse Perez complimenting the main man with pure fire releases.

Educate yourself now with the first episode of the new series from Sneak & the IHAG crew!

So what are the five essentials to being House Gangster we hear you ask! Well, here they are...

5.  Where's your crew?

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Not only does Sneak have brothers Tapia and Perez backing him up he's also down with Amine Edge & Dance, BBC R1 main man Pete Tong and rap legend Snoop.

4. You need the THREADS!

To be the part you gotta look the part. Nothing more to say!

3. Low-riders = essential. 

Don't even consider an attempt at House Gangsterism if you haven't sorted yourself with a Low-rider. We advise you take a little trip and see your local dealer!

2. The Girls.

So you've got the car... well the job is not done yet! Once you have acquired the imperative possession of the all-important low-rider you need to pimp it out, as Sneak so comfortably exhibits, with the appropriate addition of the smokin' hot ladies!

1. Have you got the beats?

Last but certainly not least comes the Music, the vital ingredient for any true Gangster of House Music. You may have the look but you gotta back it up with solid cuts!

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