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David Guetta Gets Spoofed With "Hey Grandma" Parody. The Internet Wins Again

This is everything. We recently wrote an article explaining why David Guetta is actually your insane grandpa due to his strange dance moves, facial expressions, and just everything about him. Then we wrote another article focusing on 15 WTF moments in the cringe-worthy "Hey Mama" video, where David Guetta, Afrojack, and a floating Nicki Minaj go straight Burning Man, and now the two seem to have combined.

"Hey Mama" has been turned into "Hey Grandma," and it's like the Internet responded to everything we have been writing about. Created by a YouTube comedy group called Chedda Cheese Official, we watch as an awkward and scrawny white boy professes his love for grandmas, and basically proves that he knows what he wants and can actually spit some bars.

You come to respect him, and realize he has more swag that you might have originally expected. Our favorite moment is definitely him pouring out prune juice in front of a lake. We shouldn't have to explain why that is funny. You can watch the video below.

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