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Kevin Saunderson bio

Respected and acknowledged around the World as one of the three Detroit Techno innovators, Kevin Saunderson helped to reshape the future of dance music as we know it. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he moved at the age of nine to the place known as the 'Motor City' (Detroit). He attended Belleville High School (West of Detroit), where his youthful urge to make music had been fuelled. Starting out as a DJ, Kevin soon developed new skills that led him into producing records, which he released on his own label, KMS Records. The demand for Kevin as a Producer and DJ was overwhelming in the States and overseas. Maybe Kevin's biggest achievement and most commercially recognized project has been INNER CITY, having come full circle after ten years, as one of the world's most influential dance acts. As one of the most important prime time movers in the house and techno revolution of 1988, Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey have been to the top, struggled and bounced back to the top of the pile. Since the beginning, their career has been nothing short of remarkable, not only for their numerous critical and commercial achievements, but also for their longevity. While most acts have been snubbed out at the onset of the 'next big trend,' Inner City has managed to sidestep the trends. Amazingly, the good life of being one of the world's top dance groups came to them by accident. In 1993, INNER CITY parted company with their label, Virgin Records. The label released the "Testament 93" remix album to celebrate their time together. That year they were also voted by the readers of Mixmag Magazine, the Best International Act of the Year and a "homecoming" deal with their manager Neil Rushton's SIX6 label was finalized. To date, INNER CITY has had 12 Top 40 hits in the UK, as well as having had two Top 20 albums, with combined sales of more than six million. Inner City has also achieved many awards for outstanding accomplishments, such as Best Dance Act in the World by DMC in 1989 and 1992, four Gold singles, one Gold Album and one Platinum Album. During 2005-2006 Kevin celebrated 20 years of producing music with FUSE-In Presents Kevin Saunderson/Elevator World Tour. The tour featured both House and Techno DJ sets plus a live show incorporating all his most popular productions from 1986-2006. This included tracks from E-Dancer, Esser'ay, K S Experience, Kaos, Keynotes, Reese, Reese + Santonio, Tronikhouse, Kreem, Inner City and The Reese Project. True to his dream, Kevin Saunderson elevated the deep sound of Detroit Techno and has taken it from the underground into the hearts and souls of music lovers the world over with his Inner City and The Reese Project recordings.

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