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Kygo Proves Haters Wrong With Piano Skills

Kygo Covers Tove Lo And Shows Off His Piano Skills

There's a lot of shade that gets thrown at Kygo's music in the dance music world these days. His now ubiquitous brand gets called elevator or lobby music, and is dubbed boring, sleep inducing, or repetitive. While we have to admit we would love to hear some more diversity in his songs like his brilliant official remix for Coldyplay, but what can you do?

The kids love it, and he's blowing up like nobody's business. Recently he's been on a tear of performing piano covers or stripped down versions of his own songs, mostly likely in an attempt to prove to the world that he does have talent behind the keys.

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The most recent showing comes from the renowned BBC Radio 1 Live lounge, where Kygo teamed up with "Stole The Show" vocalist Parson James for a cover of Tove Lo's breakout hit "Habits (Stay High)." Ditching all elements of electronic music, we get straight melodic piano and a different take on the vocals from the original.

It might not blow your mind, but it gives us hope that the clearly talented Kygo will soon enough stray from his tropical house roots and start producing more music in this vein. Watch the video below, and judge for yourself.

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