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Lil Mama Released A Video About "Sausage" And It Will Make You Hate Modern Music

Lil Mama Released A Video About "Sausage" And It Will Make You Hate Modern Music

First things first. Although we might be an blog that focuses on electronic music, our love for hip-hop and rap runs deep. Long before I started my immersion into the world of dance culture, it was all hip-hop. Playing shows, recording albums, and spitting freestyles. It's an amazing time for the genre, but Lil Mama just released a new video called "Sausage" that will make you hate modern music.

Not just hip-hop or rap or any one genre, but just modern music. It's quite possibly the hardest song to listen to of 2015, and Twitter had a field day with all kinds of GIFs, memes, an terrible comments. The chorus talks about eggs, bacon, and sausages, and although we love all these things in the right context, Lil Mama will make you never want to eat breakfast again.

It's basically a bootleg of 2015 along with some 90's throwbacks to add that nostalgic flavor, and that's the easiest way to describe it. We couldn't scream "make it stop" fast enough.

Maybe it's supposed to be a joke. Maybe it's a parody. We are trying to laugh at it, but it's so bad that it verges on painful and will make you want to run away from your computer and listen to Mumford & Sons because at least they aren't singing a song about sausage. We've included some of our favorite responses to the song so you know we aren't the only ones in tears.

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Thanks lil mama for the breakfast inspiration — (B)armen Sandiego (@DjOSH_KOSH) May 29, 2015

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