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Louis Vivet Unveils Addicting House Anthem (Premiere)

Louis Vivet Unveils Addicting House Anthem (Premiere)

We have been all over Louis Vivet recently, and could you blame us? The New York and Los Angeles based duo has been bringing an alleviating and diverse sound to the table, working with different genres to create an overall aesthetic that is hard to turn away from.

Our first introduction strayed towards a mild progressive sound that was drenched in feels, getting us hooked within one listen. Since then they have taken on the indie-dance route, and truly made their style their own with a recent remix of Pheobe Ryan and their original collaboration with Gavrielle entitled "Downbeat."

They are clearly rising, but their most recent output is proving that this is about to happen faster than a lot of people think. The song is called "Nightfall," and sees Louis Vivet venture into a deeper house sound that locks in ethereal grooves from start to finish.

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It's a bold vocal anthem that takes control of your entire senses with dark vocals and hypnotizing instrumentations, coming together to create what might be their most potent and club ready sound to date. The song was released on Dr. Fresch's Prep School Recordings imprint, and can be purchased now on iTunes.

Keep your eyes on this duo. The come up is happening right in front of your face, and you wouldn't want to miss it. Louis Vivet takeover 2015.

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