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Madeon: "Well Done Sony For Holding Your Own Artists Hostage"


Fighting words from Madeon today on Twitter, and for good reason to. The French producer learned that all his music would be deleted due to the Soundcloud and Sony dispute, which never reached a deal and is dealing to the mass deletion of countless electronic artists.

He took to Twitter to thank Soundcloud for being such a great discovery platform over the years, and asked his followers to have one more listen before all his music was taken down. He goes on to say he has love for his label Columbia, but no love for the overarching corporation Sony throughout this dispute.

It's a shame that this continues, and it just another step in the constant war of streaming sites versus major labels. There will be of shifting and changing parts of the next few years, and it will be interesting to see how this all goes. You can view Madeon's tweets below.

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