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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast & Interview: ALX

Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast & Interview: ALX

Ladies & gentlemen, meet DJ Alex Sanchez who is known to most as ALX. He's born & bred in Miami and he's a resident at Miami's top nightlife spot, SPACE! So given the fact that he's one of Miami's rising stars who's been bestowed the honor to play what is arguably the best club in Miami, I thought it would only be fitting that we have him whip up a sixty minute mix to show us what he's all about.


ALX' driving style of techno starkly contrasts with his friendly demeanor as I learned for myself running into him at some of the best events and venues in Miami during Miami Music Week. So not only do we have an exclusive 60 minute mix from him but he was also gracious enough to answer some essential questions we had for him regarding his beginnings as a DJ, his residency at Space Miami, & of course his love affair with Techno.

First off, could you tell us a little about yourself and what got you started DJ'ing?

I've always been naturally curious about technology so when a friend left his DJ setup with me after a house party curiosity definitely got the best of me. I kept exploring after that and soon enough I was mixing tracks and spinning at house parties and continued to develop into the position I’m in today.

In your bio, you say that you are drawn to the sounds of “Deep Techno and Tech House because of the limitless opportunities to express yourself.” When did you discover Techno as an artistic outlet?

When it boils down to music, sometimes words can’t quantify whatever your trying to communicate. I think that when venturing into a set, through different sounds,  you can reconnect with a certain experience and let the mind take it from there. It’s not so much like verbally communicating a certain message like a lot of the different genres do. I think deep techno is ultimate communicating a feeling, not a particular message.

Have you always expressed yourself through Techno?

Again, I think it’s a form of communicating feelings, not an actual message. So when I’m in the middle of my set, I focus on where I want to take people. It’s almost like curating the feeling and overall vibe. Some nights my sets may have a groovier techno sound, other sets we know that we’re going to bang it out because of how the crowd and myself are feeling.

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Can you describe your journey to your Residency at Space Miami?

I grew up in Miami where there is certainly no shortage of DJs. I just started playing because I enjoyed it and really wasn’t considering it as a career path. I got a little more interested and just like anyone else, I jumped from house parties, to small clubs. As I became more passionate and getting tons of feedback, I really started to consider my brand and continued to grow and network.

How was your WMC this year? What was it like performing with some of the biggest names in Techno?

For me, WMC is always an adventure and this year was no different. The last couple years I’ve bounced around a lot on my own and hung out with many different people, rather than being tied down with a big group of friends and I feel it always works out better that way. I’m able to attend and catch every party and artist I want to hear and see everyone I want to see. This conference was a lot of fun and I’m already counting down the days until the madness of next year… 

I’d say this year was definitely one of the funnest conferences I've had to date.  I met and hung out with a lot of great people and I heard so much amazing music all week long.  The standout parties I attended were the Octopus Showcase, Incorrect Party, Ultra on Saturday, which I hadn't been to in years, and I’d say the highlight party was the Drumcode Showcase on the final day at Club Space. I’ll definitely make sure to never miss this party from now on.  

As far as performance goes, the highlight party I played was the Elrow party at Club Space, where I got to rock the decks with some very talented artists such as Sian, Ellen Alien, Paul Ritch, Paco Osuna, Danny Tenaglia, and the Elrow residents.  

Throughout your experiences as a DJ/Producer in South Florida, I am sure you have seen a lot of crazy stuff. What is one of the more interesting memories of your career?

Space is known around the world for running around the clock. The best and craziest memories are definitely from some of the DJs and sets that kept the crowd going into the long haul. The party is over when the crowd decides, not the clock.

What are your thoughts on states of the Dance Music Scene in Miami today?

Thanks to technology, a lot of people have easier access to the tools you need to make music. Everyone has their own test in music and creativity, it’s completely up to the artist. Personally, I venture into deeper sounds and tech. Just like in anything else, there are a people who treat it as a hobby and it’s a total passion for others. People with passion, creativity, and talent will naturally stand out and continue to develop.

Where do you think Miami fits in the scheme of things from a global perspective?

It depends what you’re looking for. Miami is naturally a place for people to have fun. Thanks to events like WMC and Miami Music Week, a lot of people only focus on Miami for part of the year. Other places around the globe have become almost like a testing ground because of different crowds and cultures so a ton a great music is a result.

What can we expect from you as 2015 develops?

Now that I’m trying to build my label, Descend, I’m focusing a lot of my attention on that project. I’m working on releases throughout the year and really just continue developing my sound.

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