Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Yolanda Be Cool

Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Yolanda Be Cool

The Australian anomaly known as Yolanda Be Cool has just put together a whacked out funky corking quirky guest mix for us. We know that’s a lot of adjectives but wow, this mix will rub you in all the right ways.

So you love funky/techy/bouncy house music then you are going to be in dance floor heaven. The Australians obviously love the Dirtybird vibes, and you get lots of that in their exclusive mix for Magnetic. Get ready for Yolanda Be Cool.

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MAGNETIC Magazine Guest Podcast: Yolanda Be Cool by Magnetic Magazine on Mixcloud

1. The Grandma - IMIURU
2. Make  A Cake - Claude Von Stroke
3. The Sub Track - DJ Diass
4. Do You Mind (Stefano Ritteri Remix) - Christian Nielsen
5. Never Stop (Illusionize Remix) - Volac
6. Pop Yo Pussy - Lazaro Casanova
7. Rosalie Carl Craig, Green Velvet
8. Horizon - Sluggers
9. Soul Makossa (Money) (Club Mix) - Yolanda Be Cool, DCUP
10. Raider - Raumakustik
11. As De Spada - Volkoder
12. Ghandus - Boot Action
13. Anything Tonight - Dance Cult
14. Reckless With Your Love (Will Clarke Remix) - Azari & III
15. Jungle Shrimp - Cut Snake
16. Juno Jam - Genius Of Time

Official Bio

If 2014 was the year Yolanda Be Cool re-joined forces with their partner in crime DCUP (you know, the guy they did the multi-platinum selling worldwide hit We No Speak Americano with), and re-ignited the airways with their brand of tropical techy quirk house, then 2015 is already looking huge with single Sugar Man hitting platinum and the follow up, Soul Makossa seemingly destined to follow in the same footsteps.They have had a world wide number one, yes, but they also have a growing list of Beatport hits, made only for the club. They are as comfortable in Morocco, as a guest of the king, performing before 90,000 people, as they are in a Berlin basement performing for 90. For them, in music and in life, it's the differences that make the difference, whether it be a 1950's Italian folk song, juxtaposed with a fruity techno beat (go on, you know the one), or dinner in Monaco one day, Berghain the next, Matt and Andy have had a pretty good time touring the world. They have played after Pitbull and Justin Martin, Flo Rida and Jesse Rose. They probably have Chuckie's latest bootleg, but they also likely have every song Jamie Jones played last night at their favourite Ibizan club, DC10. Their songs are in Britney's playlists, and Switch's.They've released a critically acclaimed album (Ladies and Mentalmen), they've remixed Cyndie Lauper to Chromeo, Etienne De Crecy to Dennis Ferrer, they've been places they can't pronounce and places they never dreamt of going whilst their home label Sweat it Out has gone from strength to strength, fostering such talents as What So Not, RÜFÜS and Motez to name a few. With over two decades of Djing under their belts, and musical influences that extend far beyond their native Sydney, from old school hip hop, to Chicago house, to the blues to African funk to pretty much everything in between. Bondi beach locals at heart, tho they have spent some good times living in Berlin and Ibiza these past years, when they are not in the studio or playing at the biggest clubs and festivals in the world, you'll find them at the beach catching waves.And they ain't stopping. As EDM slowly fades away for something more soulful, the boys are excited to share with the world, their brand of house music, and it feels like the world is ready.

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