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MAKJ Perfectly Explained How Facebook Is Dead For Musicians

MAKJ Perfectly Explained How Facebook Is Dead For Musicians

In the last few years, the idea of pushing yourself as a musician over Facebook has changed. What used to be the primary source of social media for rising artists has now become a struggling platform, forcing anyone who wants to truly reach their fans towards Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, and many others.

Facebook has forced businesses and artists to promote their posts in order for them to be seen, and engagement continues to drop like wildfire. The exception for this lately has been memes and videos, which run rampantly across Facebook like a man stranded in the desert seeing water for the first time in weeks.

Southern California based producer MAKJ perfectly summed up this problem with one post on Facebook, giving side by side examples of the engagement on his own posts. The first was music that actually matters to him, attempting to promote his new song by paying to push it. It was still only seen by less than 20,000 people after a few hours, and he has over 800,000 followers.

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The second was a joke post about Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift, which after a few days had already been seen by over 9 million people and received over 9,000 shares. You can't just rely on Facebook anymore, and this post clearly proves that.

It's tough to say what will happen next since Facebook is constantly changing its methods on promotion, engagement, and what works, and keeping up these days in an uphill battle. View the pictures below, and see just how big of a difference there really is.

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