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Marco Bailey Weighs In On The State Of The Scene


During the craziness that was Miami Music Week, whilst having a coffee break at Starbucks, I had the opportunity to talk Techno with one of the leading authorities on the genre: Belgium's Marco Bailey. The man's credentials speak for themselves; with a back-catalog of cohesive yet highly varied productions he is clearly one of the more talented individuals in the Techno scene.

Read through our chat to get an insider's view on the creative process, the EDM vs Underground debate, and the future of the genre.

How was your MMW?

Marco Bailey: Very nice, I’m happy that UMF finally does stuff with techno, more underground stuff so they're not only EDM. It was great, but it was the first time. Everybody who does something for the first time is learning and building.

"Miami is getting better and better"

So you would say it went well in spite of the fact that it’s the first year with this kind of lineup?

Marco Bailey: Yeah well you know, you can’t expect it to be completely oversold and packed and everything, it’s like an artist who makes his first track ever in the studio. But I’m happy there’s a starting point.

How does Miami’s techno scene compare to Belgium?

Marco Bailey: Well Miami is getting better and better, you know? I’ve played here 3 times in the past year; Steam is great, Space has amazing parties... I really like it out here! But Belgium’s Techno scene has been going strong since 1990 so you cannot compare really. But I am happy that it’s picking up out here, really.

In all your productions you have a really nice balance of heavy techno with melodic components, how did you develop such an intricate sound?

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Marco Bailey: Because I like both, y’know. But today many people outside the scene -- and inside -- they only like to see you produce one style, but I like many styles. I like House music, Tech-house, of course Techno, but I am open to even more things, like electronica, down-tempo, melodic stuff and also some of the harder stuff. I’m open for everything, so when I’m in the studio I like to make a hybrid of all these things.

So when you’re in the studio, where do you find yourself drawing your inspiration most of the time?

Marco Bailey: It depends, sometimes it’s a synth and you come up with a couple things and you’re left with a loop and then build off of that. But it’s not like “Ah, yes! Inspiration!” and you have the whole song in your head. It’s like a puzzle

"[People] only like to see you produce one style, but I like many styles"

So since you are one of the leading authorities on Techno, I’m going to ask you a couple questions about the genre in general. It seems that it is setting itself up for a really big resurgence in popularity, do you think this is true? Do you think we are going to see Techno on the mainstage in the next couple years?

Marco Bailey: I really hope so. You know why I think there is a good chance? Look at Ibiza. Ibiza is still the most popular party destinations in the world -- sorry -- every single night there is a big Techno night. 10 years ago, that wasn’t possible, it was only commercial bullshit and there was one great night, Cocoon. Now you have Techno every day, which means, people like it.

At the same time as the resurgence in popularity, we have seen some “Techno” artists adopting more EDM friendly compositions with predictable breaks, big snare rolls, all white noise and stuff, do you think that the genre is going to be over simplified with the increase in popularity?

Marco Bailey: Yeah but that is not Techno for me. So end of story, there’s nothing to talk about, I’m sorry [laughs] they can call it whatever they want but it’s not Techno. Just don’t call it Techno./...

"Ten years ago...It was all commercial bullshit"

[Laughs] No, don’t worry, that’s the answer we wanted to hear! So what do you have coming next?

Marco Bailey: I have my single “Lost Soul” which is out on my label MB Elektronics, then I have a new release on Drumcode, and one on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital that should come out over the summer but maybe September.

Awesome, we are really looking forward to hearing your new stuff!

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