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Marvin Gaye Meets Summer Inspired House Music

Marvin Gaye Meets Summer Inspired House Music

If you needed another reminder that summer is just around the corner, then look no further then this shimmering and vibe-heavy remix of Marvin Gaye by SNBRN. The rising producer has been a household name in the Los Angeles scene for a while now, but is starting to turn a local buzz into an ascension that extends well beyond that.

He's become heavily associated with his shimmering mixture of hip-hop, R&B, and house music, and now SNBRN has returned to the remix game after releasing his debut single "Raindrops" to take on "Sexual Healing." 1982 classic is one of those songs that you have to be careful with.

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You can't mess with a legendary song and not expect certain people to overly critique, but SNBRN took on the task and brought something fresh to the table. It's the perfect balance of club tendencies with an unrelenting dosage of feel good summer vibes, ready made for nights on the beach and early sets at music festivals.

The line "Just grab a hold of my body and mind" gets repeated sporadically throughout, reminding listeners to let loose and embrace summer as soulful and funk instrumentations guides the way. You can stream the track now via Soundcloud, and the official remix is now available to purchase via Ultra Records.

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