MDMA Approved For Anxiety Therapy Sessions

MDMA Approved For Anxiety Therapy Sessions

There's been a fair amount of strange news in the world of Ecstasy/Molly/MDMA lately. Just a few weeks ago it was reported that the first store for purchasing ecstasy would be opening in Amsterdam. It was only for a day and using placebo versions of ecstasy, but this still proved that changes were being made to push the legalization and regulation of the product.

In more recent news, we've been told that MDMA has now been approved for anxiety related therapy sessions by a team of California based therapists. This will start over the next year, and focus specifically on those with life-threatening illnesses.

Psychiatrist and long time advocate of MDMA assisted-therapy Dr. Philip Wolfson is helping spearhead the San Francisco based project, and is currently recruiting 18 test subjects to take part in the experiments. As opposed to sedating patients, they will instead take part in extended sessions with a team of trained therapists.

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Wolfson says MDMA “Supports deep, meaningful and rapidly effective psychotherapy," and believes this style of treatment could be beneficial to patients in a regulated environment.

Approval for the sessions have already been obtained by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration, will 13 patients receiving the actual drug and sitting through sessions, while 5 will receive a placebo. Follow up therapy and counseling will then be implemented, in a process that could take around 18 months.

MDMA Approved For Anxiety Therapy Sessions


Photo Credit: John Hartberg

Source: (Fact Mag/Mixmag)

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