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Meet Magnetic's Progressive House Editor: Alec Figueroa

Meet Magnetic's Progressive House Editor: Alec Figueroa

Alec Figueroa
Progressive & Electro House Editor, Magnetic Magazine

Note From The Editorial Director

One of the greatest benefits of Magnetic's writing staff is our genre specific editors. Each one has a specific style that they know like the back of their hand, and are able to exemplify this knowledge with weekly charts, interviews, and writing about the artists they love. This is something that truly sets Magnetic apart, and is a facet of this blog that I have never experienced anywhere else.

Sure, you can fake an interview with techno artists when you know absolutely nothing about techno, but the artists will usually see right though that. Blogs can push songs on writers that they hate or have no passion for, and the result won't be the same as someone who feels strongly for that piece of music. This is why we have our editors.

They eat, sleep, breath, and dream of the genre they cover, regardless of whatever full time job each one might have. Sharing your cutting edge taste in music with others is a passion that only so many people possess, but each one of our editors falls into that category.

Today, we help you learn more about our progressive and electro house editor Alec Figueroa. We were able to put together a little interview with the man behind the big tracks and must read interviews, and we hope to cover all of our editors in the near future.

How did you discover electronic dance music?

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Well I was born in the mid 90's, which as we all know was a detrimental time for dance music. It's crazy to think that songs I remember hearing as an infant are still being used by DJs. Eventually I lost touch with the genre of music, grew up, and got into hip hop, rock, and generic top 40 songs. Thankfully when I was about 12, I met this guy who I eventually became friends with who introduced me into the early stages of Skrillex, Borgore, and Afrojack. I really started listening to dance music avidly from that point on.

What are your favorite genres and why?

There are so many it feels like it's so hard to choose. I mean honestly it just really depends on my mood. If I'm looking to stay awake, energized, and have a good time - electro/progressive house and hardstyle. When I like to relax, mellow out, and kick back - deep house and trance. It's really all just varies on what I am trying to do at the moment. Obviously if I am attending a show it doesn't matter at all what genre is being played. At the end of the day, I love all the sub genres in EDM.

How did you come to write for Magnetic Magazine?

I was doing some writing previously for another blog before I joined Magnetic. However, I was looking to join something bigger, more reputable, and overall different from everyone else. I was telling one of my best friends what I was looking to do, only to find out one of her friends, Hannah Deupree, wrote for Magnetic Magazine. I was eager to join the team a she gave a helping hand. Hannah is the real MVP.

Best Magnetic Magazine Moment of 2014?

I had loads of eventful experiences throughout the year, but I would have to say Nocturnal Wonderland was my monumental festival of the year. Nocturnal Wonderland 2013 was my first actual festival and Insomniac show. I knew that I was in love with the culture, music, and people after that, so I wanted to have an influence in the industry. Then a year later I got to interview Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, and Joel Fletcher at the festival. No doubt it was a lot of work to get to that point, but wouldn't of been possible without Magnetic.

If you could have one goal in 2015, what would it be?

I am really wanting to produce as much material as possible to be honest. Handling the electro/progressive chart is fun with all the new music. Along with that, I want to write more inspiring, impacting, and positive pieces that focus on the good in dance music. I feel that those pieces are more vital now more then ever with EDM being so mainstream. I want to help people focus on the positive aspects in dance music, and see why it's such a beautiful thing.

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