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Montréal's Top Music Spots in Photos

The Summer has arrived in sun-clad Montréal. The terraces are out in force and the people are ready to dance away the dour winter blues! Festival season is nearly upon and, while we wait, there’s simply no better way to fuel the excitement than a look at five of the city’s finest venues for electronic music. 

In latest edition of the Montréal Dispatch, we hit the street to capture the action as it happened.  

5. Club Soda


Although it may not be a "pure" electronic music venue, it’s quality selection of shows still earns the Club Soda a place in our list. Most recently, the venue caught our eye with the arrival prestigious Herzblut Recordings chief Stephan Bodzin, who christened Montréal’s budding 8day collective (Van Did, Rafa Pineda and Chiino), who were undertaking their first show together. Club Soda provided the ideal location for an exquisite evening of emotive beats.  

4. Velvet


Velvet, or Velvet Speakeasy, Auberge St-Gabriel as it’s known by it’s full title, is a tech house haven. While it does deal in other electronic delights, it is indeed a heaven for fans of Hot Creations and the likes.

The venue continues to impress with its tidy selection of foreign imports, those which have recently included the likes of Patrick Topping, while it also excels in supporting Montréal based artists providing a stellar stomping ground for local talents such as Monitor, Mike Larry, Marciano, Paolo Rocco and Jay London

3. Theatre Fairmont


A relative newcomer to Montréal, Theatre Fairmont embodies what was previously the Mile End Cabaret. It has been revived as a venue to host shows from across the musical spectrum and beyond.

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In its short tenure it has impressed with international guests such as German sensation Fritz Kalkbrenner (Pictured) & Ed Banger's Boston Bun. On the horizon, it welcomes OWSLA man Kill Paris May 16th and the renowned electronic maestro Rone, who arrives May 30th!

2. New City Gas

New City Gas

No list would be complete without giving props to Montréal's New City Gas. The monstrous venue regularly plays hosts to biggest stars of EDM. This month, NCG welcomes the likes of Madeon (May 9th) and Tommy Trash and Kill The Noise (May 15th). Mark Knight will also return May 17th after a massive show with Weiss and Prok & Fitch in January.  

To surprise of many, the venue has also delved into the underground with Richie Hawtin and crew - Ean Golden, Marc Houle and Matteo Murphy, choosing New City Gas as the location for the Montréal stop on the CNTRL College Campus Tour two weeks ago.

1. Le Salon Daomé


Le Salon Daomé encapsulates what Montréal is all about! Despite its miniature size and simple setting, the dark, living-room styled club hosts some of the best parties in the cities. Its open atmosphere and positive vibe ensure that both established international acts and local spinners feel at home, creating a great connection between artist and crowd.


What's more, if you ask nicely they'll even set your shots on fire!

Most recently, Dale T, Adam Husa and The Strangetown Recordings Crew held court for a midweek party, which kept the dance-floor packed right until the wee hours.  A real testament to the great job Le Salon Daomé is doing right now.

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