Mysteryland Stage Spotlight: THE BOAT

Mysteryland Boat

As if disappearing to the lands of Bethel Woods was not magical enough this memorial day weekend, attendees arriving will be greeted by scenes similar to that of a story book.

The festival began in the Netherlands in 1993 - the first of its kind and longest running. After expanding to the U.S in 2014, Mysteryland has remained true to it's roots. While the stages offer state of the art sound systems and effects - the artists to take the decks are what elevate the experience to the next level. Be sure to visit THE BOAT.

Expect to come across a life sized boat on par with an ancient pirate ship, sitting peacefully in the middle of a lush field with masses high and lighting trellis's adorned. This unsuspecting vessel (decorated with butterflies last year) will knock you off your feet with bass.

On Saturday, you'll find:

Space Jesus


Manic Focus



Beats Antique



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This group of artists not only incorporate a tremendous amount of womp in their sets, but also provide listeners the beauty of instrumental sound and funk. We can't help but have a feeling we may see a surprise Grizmatik set.

On Sunday, you'll find:

Gent & Jawns



Doctor P



Bro Safari

Bro Safari's Animal House - a special curation brought to you by no other than the man behind the name. Known for his trap, dubstep and moombahton productions, Bro Safari is bringing his friends to the function and offering an endless supply of bass. The crowd will be wild.

As great as THE BOAT is, be sure to wander and experience the other great talent gracing the stages. If you haven't already - snag your tickets here!

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