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Nero Dives Into The Future With Video For "The Thrill"

Nero Dives Into The Future With Video For "The Thrill"

Nero season is finally arriving, and damn does it feel good to say that. The UK trio took an extended break while working on the upcoming album entitled Between II Worlds, following up their already classic debut Welcome Reality. It's like 2011 all over again. The anticipation. The waiting. The wanting.

Well today we got a little bit closer to the second album, as Nero dropped a mind-warping video for the synth-heavy single that has been making its rounds lately. "The Thrill" is basically just proving that Nero can disappear for a long time while genres get invented and reinvented, and still come out swinging and right back on track.

Vocalist Alana Watson is the main centerpiece of the video, as the boys of Nero primarily hide in the shadows. What we do get from them is a glimpse into their daring live setup, one that championed major festivals across the world and continues to push the boundaries of how one can present electronic music.

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Diving into futuristic effects and a contrast of black and flashing blue lights, we get a video that focuses much more on aesthetic than an actual story line. Regardless, it still comes across as a powerful use of visual imagery in contrast with the song, and it's something we would love to have played behind the group as they bring their live show back.

Watch the video below, and prepare for the release of Between II Worlds, which is scheduled for release on August 28th through MTA and Mercury.

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