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New World Sound & Uberjakd Are All About The Bounce (Interview)

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I have said it before and I will say it again, the Australians know how to get a party going. Could there be something mystical in the soil of the Australian continent that allows it to put out some of the best electronic musicians out there today? Could it just be a fluke? Could it just be that the small scene down there came together to foster amazing diversity? These questions probably will never have answers, but I put some questions to a few notable Aussies on the Dim Mak roster and they gave me some honest answers.

Notable contributors to the Melbourne Bounce genre, New World Sound and Uberjakd just completed a tour across America. Getting clubs going with their unique brand of high energy music, they blew me away on a Friday night where my expectations were rather low. Melbourne Bounce, as was so aptly put in my conversation with these boys, is a genre born in the club and it needs to be experienced in the club.

New World Sound and Uberjakd are the type of guys who will surprise you with their selections, and their productions reflect their own unique styles. They know what they are doing when it comes to making you bounce, and I can see them bolstering the Dim Mak squad for years to come.

With all that being said, I tossed some questions at these guys, and these are the answers they tossed back.

How is the tour going thus far?

Uberjakd: It's been pretty vibes. It's been going good.

New World Sound: It's been good. Each of the shows been pretty good, man. Good turn out of all the shows. We're stoked to being part of it.

Can you please define for me what Melbourne Bounce is and represents?

Uberjakd: It's about having fun with your fucking bros. Not taking anything too seriously.

New World Sound: That's definitely the vibe that it's all about. We're all just trying to do our thing with the sound and do something different with it, push it forward.

Uberjakd: Break all those barriers and those stigmas that people have with the sound. Make them think, "Oh, that's Melbourne Bounce"?

What are the stigmas then?

Ubjerakd: I'm not sure exactly what you would say but there is some stigmas attached to Melbourne Bounce. It's all about breaking them. There's a lot of crap Melbourne Bounce out there. People might hear a couple of those tunes going, "Oh, I'm not really into this."

The key thing is actually experiencing a show?

New World Sound: Yeah, I think that's it, man.

Uberjakd: It's music that was born in a club. That's where you need to experience it.

To get to that point, where were you inspired to come up with this sound and participate with this sound?

New World Sound: That's a tough one. The first few tunes were crew-like Orchestrated.

Uberjakd: They were the pioneers. They are the Godfathers of the Melbourne Bounce sound. If it wasn't for them, bro, we wouldn't even probably be here right now. They were the ones that started it all.

New World Sound: I think a lot of people might not know but Deooro. He put the energy into it. He was the first to put those Dutch leads over the off beats.

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The Dutch beats, taking that from Deorro, helped you get to where you are in terms of your sound?

New World Sound: I've definitely seen how that works with a crowd.

Uberjakd: It comes down to pushing boundaries. That's what Deorro did. He heard it. That's what I think everyone that's been successful with the sound is doing now. They're just pushing it where you didn't think it would go. They're like, you don't think it will fit you all, [inaudible 00:03:12] and I'll fucking jam it right up there.

New World Sound: Dude, that's it.

There's an Australian invasion that's been going on the past couple of years. How does it feel to be apart of this?

New World Sound: It's cool, man. It's good to see. Everyone's kind of vibing off each other, and sharing the vibs. It's kind of like we're all doing our own little spin on things or whatever. It's been good, man. There's really nothing better than playing, going on tour, with your mates, and sharing ideas, sharing tunes, sharing music. It's been fucking awesome, bro.

Uberjakd: Second that.

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How can simply and succinctly describe New World Sound to me?

New World Sound: The name sounds like there's some sort of big, hidden message. There's really not though, man. We just try and make stuff that, actually it's been what we've been talking about for this interview. It's about just making something new, something fresh, and something that hopefully inspires people. If the music does that, then that's awesome. We're going to be stoked about it. So far it's been a good ride, man. We're enjoying it.

Simply and succinctly, can you describe the Uberjakd sound for me?

Uberjakd: It's about just jamming it up, getting amongst it and pushing boundaries. I'm looking into the mind's eye of craziness around you. There's no definition. There's no, "This is Melbourne Bounce". Melbourne Bounce is whatever it makes you feel. It makes me feel good. I just want to spread the message.

What is one deep thought you've been having lately?

New World Sound: We've talked about this. Sometimes people need to be, we feel like you need to just step back and just take it all in. That can apply to anything. You notice it a lot, in say, an airport or whatever. You see crew who are waiting for a bag and they're just fucking right up on the carousel. It sounds like nothing but it's like, just step back and chill out for a second. Everyone is waiting.

Uberjakd: They want to get so close that they can't step back. You gotta stand back sometimes and look at the big picture.

New World Sound: There's definitely a bigger message there. It's stand back sometimes and take a minute. Let everything sink in. Then make your choice, go for it.

Even in the most frustrating moments, recognize the fact that you are halfway across the world doing your thing?

New World Sound: Yeah. That's it, man. Exactly. Just chill and let's all, we're all human beings and on this earth together. Let's just all chill and spread the good vibs, the good vibes.

Uberjakd, what deep thought have you had?

Uberjakd: Maybe you don't need to go so deep. A little tickle opens up the doors wider than you thought it would at first. Sometimes going deep takes a lot of effort. You really got to get in there. Get down on your knees and shove. Sometimes, just a little tickle and let it come to you.

That's good. Any parting thoughts?

New World Sound: Shout out to the whole Dim Mak squad, Steve, the whole crew. It's all about your squad. Those people who were there from the start and who have always been around since forever, and the people who continue to get around what you're doing and whatever. Honestly, man, the Dim Mak crew have been awesome. Get around the music. Get around the whole vibe. We went to the office, crashed it one day.

Uberjakd: Shoeies.

New World Sound: The crew did shoies. It's good fun, man. It's always much appreciated when you get people who embrace what you're all about and everything.

Uberjakd: You squad out.

Music fundamentally is all about the relationships.

Uberjakd: Music is just about bringing people together. That's what it's been about since the dawn of music. It's about bringing people together.

Around the campfire?

Uberjakd: Around the campfire, singing a song, at a rave, at a festival. It's bringing people together.

New World Sound: 100%.

Uberjakd: All under the same mindset. I think that's what music is all about. I don't think you could think about any sort of music that's not about bringing people together. Being humans together, as one.

New World Sound: Might be in a bit of a different way, but it's always the same sort of underlying thing. That's it, man. Thanks to the whole crew. Everyone who came out to all the shows.

Uberjakd: Can't wait until next time.

New World Sound: Can't wait until next time.

If you want to hear a little bit more, New World Sound did a great podcast for us way back when, as in last November!

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