Nicolas Jaar Just Released A Haunting New EP

Nicolas Jaar Just Released A Haunting New EP

Mother's Day normally isn't a time to drop new music, or even Sundays in general for that matter, but Nicolas Jaar and Other People have always seen this as their day. His last album dropped in 2011, and more recently his now broken up collaboration project Darkside released Physic in 2013.

Things have been a little more quite for the New York born producer lately, but that all just changed today with his first solo release in four years. On May 6th he teased an image with no description, and now we know that is the cover to his new Nymphs II EP. That is at least what he called it, but more than anything it's an A and B side release.

Then again, together the tracks extend over 15 minutes in length, so it does have the affect of an EP. The first song is titled "The three sisters of Audrey," and sets the mood with symphonic instrumentations that slowly build around themselves. In true Nicolas Jaar fashion, we get dissonant and dark soundscapes that still remain immersive and thought provoking.

Eventually things pick up, starting to feel like an entirely new song with crackly vocals and subtle synthesizers. It starts to make sense why he calls this an EP, because it feels like there are multiple songs within each song.

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After the stream stops for only a moment, we are introduced to "No one is looking at U." In similar downtempo form, we get scratchy drum sections and random clicking noises, eventually picking up to an array of different musical compositions including distant vocals from Lorraine.

It's the perfect for a Sunday, closing your eyes and diving deep into pure relaxation. The songs were recorded in New York from 2011-2015, and is Issue # 90 of his Other People collection. You can stream the songs below, or head to their website if you want to experience the songs alongside an artistic and poignant series of flashing images.

And for those that might not know, Other People works like a magazine. You pay $10 a month, and get new content each week. This 12" release will be available starting tomorrow.

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