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Now You Don't Need Talent To Make A Fire Beat

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Everyone is different. Some people possess musical skills that they have honed over the years, and others just don't. That's fine though. Not everyone was born to be musicians, but that doesn't mean those not so gifted people can't mess around with some beats.

That is where typedrummer comes in. The new site allows you to type words or letters or whatever you really want into a box, and the result will be drum samples. We are still messing around with it, trying to find that perfect fire beat that will be lightening up someone's AUX chord later.

Yea this beat dude? I made this bruh. Shit is fire right? We are thinking that typing the first page to Moby Dick might sound dope, or maybe some select holy Bible verses. Oliver Twist. Kanye lyrics. Words from different languages maybe. We continue to search, but below are some of our favorite beats that we've made below.

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Try for yourself, and let us know what you came up with. That fire beat is only a few clicks away.

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