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Nutritious Bio

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Nutritious Bio

"With his new release Flash It on his Brooklyn based record label SpinSpinNYC, Nutritious is catching the ear of both fans and critics alike. With great reviews from DJ Times, URB, and Magnetic Magazine, Flash It has been likened to London's 'the XX' and dubbed 'the soundtrack of the deep house revolution'. Nutritious is changing the landscape of American house music." -Isaiah Martin, Evolution Radio, Jet Set USA "Quite satisfying" - DJ Times Magazine "A Musical Healer!" - High Times "New York standout" - Time Out New York "New York City Is Nutritious" - The Huffington Post The deep house revolution is here and this is the soundtrack." - URB Magazine "The kind of rare import most smaller clubs and indie promoters would kill for, not only for his notoriety, but also for his chops as a DJ." - O.C. Weekly "Nutritious spins the perfect mix of soul, disco, house, funk and techno." - Ace Hotel "In a market currently saturated with boring, formulaic deep house, Nutritious dares to be different." - LessThan3 "Fierce. Super Talented. Awesome Energy. - Scenester TV "Intergalactic soul-funk sex" - Magnetic Magazine "Nutritious sees the retro future." - Pause & Play Magazine "Referring to Nutritious as a DJ is an understatement. That’s like saying Picasso wasn’t bad with a pot of paint. Let’s get this straight, Nutritious is no ordinary producer. He’s one of the best producers in New York." - Derek's Music "Shares an unprecedented passion for bringing life to NYC as well as the road." - Alt Citizen Magazine "Not your typical disc jockey." - More Than Disco "Takes deep house to new territories" - Wicked EDM "Nutritious breaks this shit down! Note: "street verbiage" intended here." - DEL 5 Magazine (Rob Paine, Charles Lazarus & Lady Alma - Nutritious Faded Mix) "It only takes one play to reveal its brilliance. After that you’re won over by this majestic Magnus Opus responsible for the cutting-edge, innovative sound that quite simply rocks.” - Derek's Music "He combines his music versatility into groovy inspired "mushroom jazz", becoming one of the most intriguing producers out there". - Magnetic Magazine “Jazzy, hip, energetic - this is Nutritious in a nutshell...His hour long set titled “Body Out of Control, Too” is just so sick." - PlayThisSongLoud "Mesmerizing. A true New Yorker’s take...with just the right amount of chutzpah.” - The Untz (Brooklyn's Groove - Nutritious BomBoogie Mix) "Nutritious is holding it down in NYC proper." - URB Magazine "An integral part in the growth of soulful music worldwide...he really is one of the most interesting and exciting DJs at the moment." - The Sample UK "Nutritious got everybody on the dance floor, and nobody could have played a better show." - Death By Electro "Reminiscent of a world-class poker player, constantly reading his audience and shifting gears in response to his analysis." - Headstash Magazine "One of the most appetizing DJs on the scene." - 1200 Dreams "Not only is Nutritious a killer DJ, he has roots in the music I’m sure all of you have come to learn to love." - Shakedown Blog "Can we get an "Amen" for NY-based DJ, Nutritious, bringing the funk to NYC's dance floors?" - Clubber's Guide NY "Been crushing the underground dance scene in New York City with intelligent, booty-shake-inducing beats." - Lost In Sound "If you haven't heard of Nutritious before, you should get on it." - Why Fukk When You Can Dance "Things heated up when Nutritious spun while his two dancers roamed the stage with painted body art that accentuated every curve." - Hidden Track/Glide Magazine "Bringing intelligent music to the dance-floor while still keeping people moving and having a great time." - Gourmet Beats "So my boy Nutritious decided to make an epic visit to Bowery Poetry Club... and he TORE THE ROOF OFF THE DAMN PLACE! It's Brooklyn's version of how Delicious house can be - enough to make you werk the dance floor - even when you DIDN'T PLAN TO DANCE AT ALL!!! - Brian K Austin - Creative Director, New York Dance Parade "Late night got extra funky when Nutritious hit the decks. Clothes came off, the dance floor got wicked beneath a twinkling disco ball, and my grin remained plastered pretty on my face until the wee hours of the morn." - Zoe Wilder, "The music is very soulful and has a very different sound, not one you hear often in house music. If you like jazz, and you like house, and maybe a little funk; you would really enjoy his beats." - Playboy TV Host - Sara Tayte, South Florida Chronicle "He's a bad ass. Caught him for the first time back in December playing in between sets at the Fort Knox 5 show. One of the better DJ's I've seen in a while. Straight up funk." - member, Freakslist

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