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RAC bio

RAC’s (Remix Artist Collective) remixes have been reinventing the art of remixing and gathering widespread acclaim since the RAC’s creation in 2007. The Remix Artist Collective is an agency of international members who create re-interpretative rock/electronica/dance remixes for musical artists. RAC strives to maintain a style of remixing that strays from the "club mix" archetype, creating new incarnations of songs that stem from the original structure, but expand on their genre and musical arrangement. RAC mixes typically feature a unique blend of hip-hop drum samples, analog synthesizers, melodic hooks, and originally performed instrumentation by the remix artists themselves. The newest expansion of the RAC family is RAC DJs, the creative teaming of André Anjos and Karl Kling. Anjos is a young music artist with multiple years' experience in remixing, producing, and song-writing. Originally from Portugal, André now resides in the USA. He is the founder and coordinator of the Remix Artist Collective. His signature remixing sound is in large part a result of some of his equipment. Kling has appeared both vocally and instrumentally on multiple remixes/covers and is a co-founder with André of the electronic band The Pragmatic. RAC has built a loyal global following in the dance and pop genres by releasing a long line of catchy remixes. The first original track from RAC was “Hollywood” (featuring Penguin Prison). RAC came to life as a side project for André while in college and grew after the creation of a website and months of emails sent to anyone willing to listen. RAC's first release was "Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix)" for The Shins, earning the remix a spot as a B-Side on the single release for "Australia." The mix, along with several other projects garnered interest among bands like Tokyo Police Club, Bloc Party, and Ra Ra Riot. Since the end of 2007, RAC has been building an empire of indie remix favorites and a quickly growing, word-of-mouth following. With RAC DJs, RAC takes its remix theory to the booth, altering and combining tracks on the fly, to create an engaging soundscape fed by crowd energy and live interaction. RAC has done remixes for Phoenix, Bloc Party, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ra Ra Riot, and others.


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