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Rave In The Woods Turns Into Massive Riot (Video)

Rave In The Woods Turns Into Massive Riot (Video)

What started as a peaceful rave in the woods of Lincolnshire turned terribly wrong this past weekend. The annual event by the name of UK Tek was taking place over the Bank Holiday Weekend in the Twyford Woods of England, until riot police came and tried to shut the event down.

Things did not go smoothly though as you can see from the videos, with over 40 people arrested and over 20 officers injured. Local news reports suggest that an estimated 1,000 people attended the free party, with around 200 becoming involved in the police altercation and marching while screaming through the woods. One officer was seriously injured after being knocked down by a car.

Deputy Chief Constable Heather Roach said: "Illegal parties sometimes known as raves are just that, illegal. One of the core responsibilities and aims of the police is to make sure that people are safe. Gatherings such as this are not safe. There are no safety assessments or plans.

"Equipment to tackle fires or medical emergencies are generally non-existent. Crowd control measures such as barriers to prevent people being crushed or suffocated are not present and access to the sites for the emergency services such as the Ambulance Service or the Fire and Rescue Service are inadequate."

Things did not go well, but this appears to be a reoccurring theme with the 2008 and 2010 editions being forcefully shut down. You can watch some of the videos below, and it seems like the crowds were able to actually remove the riot squad and continue to party.

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Article Source: Mixmag

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