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Seth Troxler: "I'd Totally Go And Watch Paris Hilton Play"

Seth Troxler: "I'd Totally Go And Watch Paris Hilton Play"

Seth Troxler has always been known for saying and doing crazy stuff. That is his thing. That is his mantra. He exists by this lifestyle, but beyond that he is a massively talented DJ and producer. We got the chance to see him speak with Chuck D in Los Angeles at IMS, and he toned down the weirdness and really brought a sharp educated mind to the table that we truly appreciated.

In a recent interview with Clash Music, Troxler brought out both sides of this. There was the funny conversations about Paris Hilton and half shitting himself on stage, but also about that conversation with Chuck D, women in dance music, and the Acid Future lineup. You can view some snippets below.

On Paris Hilton:

"I'd totally go and watch her play because I've always wanted to go to a foam party, in Ibiza. But I don't really like the idea of getting in the pool. Your pants won't dry and you're all cold. Even though the idea of the pool sounds great, I like looking at the pool and people in the pool, but actually wanting to be in the pool? Not so much. I had a couple of friends who went to her party last year in Ibiza just as a laugh, they thought it was funny. So who knows? I might have a day where I'm feeling adventurous."

On Moments That Went Wrong:

"Oh, Ed says I shat myself once when I was DJing. It was kind of a shart. It was a fart that contained some substance. But that wasn't really a disaster, more of a mishap."

On The Future Of Dance Music:

"I'm an optimist in general, I'm always looking at a glass that's completely full. Any time I talk about these things in the past it's just me wanting to start a conversation and trying to get that topic out and into the public"

"But at least with exposure you're allowed to expose ideas. God forbid someone has a fucking opinion these days, you know! The idea of Paris Hilton DJing is taking over this culture that I've given life to."

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On The Acid Future Lineup:

"It's male heavy because there's just not access to many females. We did try to book Magda to play, but she was already booked. There was a consideration. There's not really many other girls who'd go with that lineup. Statistically... it's a fact. Same with the ethnic thing."

On The American EDM Scene:

"I think it's getting marginally better, you know. It's funny, I just started dating this girl who's pretty WASP-y. Her friends are a great example of this, they started with EDM stuff, but now are really into Dixon and All Day I Dream, things like that. And now she's dating me I'm getting her into all types of weird music."

On Using Music As An Escape:

"I remember growing up I used to have this thing where I bought used records and would try to imagine the people who owned them before - the emotions, the events in their life where they put the record on. I remember this old record by LoSoul - it's called 'Warriors' - on Playhouse, and there's a bunch of pictures of them traveling through Germany, pictures of this club with a night that Kompakt had just started back at that time - 14 years ago, 2001 maybe.

And I remember looking at these pictures of these people and just imagining Germany, the German minimal scene. I'd lay on my bed, smoke a joint and look at this record cover, these really weird records coming from Europe."

Read The Full Interview: Clash Magazine
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