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SF on Saturday Let's Make It Funky with Goddollars & Roche!


San Francisco, you ready to have some fun? Dare I say, are you ready to MAKE IT FUNKY? This Saturday May 16 the refined, classy and on point San Francisco crew Make It Funky is importing the A Club Called Rhonda mastermind Goddallars of Los Angeles acclaim and Roche, a San Francisco synth sensei, to really up the funk levels in the best way possible at Monarch.

Also, as if that wasn't enough, Galaxy Radio tastemakers Casey & Plaza are rounding everything out with their blend of italo and electrofunk. Finally, bringing it on home is the Make It Funky resident Fortune who is on the come-up like a volcano bursting on the San Francisco scene. It's a big night ladies and gentleman, you don't want to miss this one.

For those not in the know, the Make It Funky crew bring a refined palette to their parties, curating only the best bookings of some of the best, brightest, renowned and historically significant names from indie rock to dance music's finest. They want you to party with a purpose, and take something wonderful away from the evening. It's an outfit that definitely achieves an excellent equilibrium of art and party, and that means you are in for one damn fine time.

So, expect big things this from show, buy your tickets NOW!




Galaxy Radio

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Make It Funky

The Make It Funky crew aren't done with just this show, not by a long shot. Check out what they have lined up in the coming days!


And if you aren't already sold, check out these photos to catch the vibe of a Make It Funky party at Monarch in SF!






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