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Shots Fired: Pasquale Rotella Takes Aim At Gary Richards


In that past week, we've been steadily reporting on the still developing dispute between Insomniac's founder Pasquale Rotella and HARD's own Gary Richards. The two tycoons of America's dance scene have known each other since the 90's, and an ongoing dispute more recently turned into a legal battle over the Electric Daisy Carnival name.

Richards was originally using the name while throwing events in the early 90's, and at some point decided to move on and gave verbal permission to Rotella to use the name. There is no exact proof of this, but it appears Richards never expected Rotella to turn this into a world renowned brand.

In another strange series of events, Richards under his production alias Destructo was playing Exchange Nightclub last night in Los Angeles, a venue booked by Rotella's Insomniac events. This confused many people after hearing about the debate, but the booking must have occurred when tension between the two was low.

It was much too late to back out, so the show went on. Richards than expressed gratitude towards Exchange and the opening acts on his Destructo Instagram account, when none other than Rotella slid in with the first comment. It was a backhanded remark, making note of the fact that Richards did not tag Insomniac Events on the post.

Soon after though, it appears Rotella possibly had a change of heart or realized it wasn't the best move after some negative comments were hurled his way, and thanked Richards for playing. Tough to say if this was sarcastic or what is going on here, but it seems this story continues to develop. You can view all of these posts below.

Update: Rotella just took a full turn when he responded to an Instagram user, calling Richards a "douche" and was pissed that he thanked everyone but his crew when they threw the show. It looks like the comment has been deleted, but you can view it below.

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