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Someone Made A Change Petition To Stop Booking Caked Up

Caked Up has quickly become one of the most hated names in electronic music these past few years, and they seem to embrace it more than anything. The US duo was caught stealing a drop from a Deadmau5 remix just yesterday, but this really wasn't news to many people. This has happened about five times now, and it's kind of just become their thing and way of getting press.

Regardless, some people are still getting very irritated about their copy and paste tactics, which they tend to just shrug off and try to turn it around at the "haters." This was similar to what they said in our recent interview with them, continuing to not really care about what anyone says or writes about them. That is the Caked Up way apparently, but booking agents continue to bring them to clubs and festivals because they sell tickets.

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We can't imagine that will change anytime soon, but one person on the worldwide web has attempted to do something about it. Putting up a petition on entitled "Stop Booking Caked Up," they are begging promoters to end their reign of musical thievery and legal troubles that include a recent domestic violence arrest. So far the petition only has 42 submissions and doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but just goes to show that people are getting really frustrated with their actions.

Someone Made A Change Petition To Stop Booking Caked Up

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